One of the largest measures of energy loss affecting multi-family housing today is the loss derived from the gaps around air conditioners.

Experts say that the gap around each AC unit can be compared to a hole the size of your fist in your building.

Solutions for this problem must be repeatable and simple to implement and effective.

Green Sentry Solutions products completely air seals the AC and has been tested with a blower door test up to 150mph winds.

Our solutions completely block the flow of air and prevent heat loss from escaping through the cold seasons.

ROI can be less than two season, regardless of how you heat.

Our solutions eliminate tenant complaints about drafty AC's providing more uniform temperature throughout the building.

Green Sentry Solutions: Active in the Community

At Green Sentry Solutions, we are committed to conserving energy and protecting our environment. In fact, we are involved both locally and nationally in organizations that promote green energy, winterization, and conservation initiatives. We don’t just talk about taking action, we do something!

We are proud to be a part of organizations that have a positive impact on our world. We are affiliated with the New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA). This fine organization links sound public policy with self-sufficiency and works to provide safe and affordable housing for low income people in New York State.

We bring our commitment to the commercial real estate market through our affiliation with The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and work to enhance the industry by advocating green energy practices and providing education and information on conservation and alternative energy.

We work with the U.S. Green Building Council to provide cost-efficient energy saving measures to buildings. Together we work to make green buildings available and seek to impact a generation with alternative energy.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to explore how we might work with you to conserve energy and positively impact the planet. Our products provide cost effective solutions to heat loss and help reduce your building’s carbon footprint, regardless of the type of heating energy you use.

Looking for a Simple and Effective Heat Loss Solution?

Building heat loss is a significant issue, especially in multi-family or commercial buildings. The heat loss around leaky AC units in an apartment complex, for example, adds up quickly. If you own or manage a multi-family unit, you are probably looking for a simple and effective solution you can implement year after year.

Tenants are often not willing to remove window AC units each season and store them. Instead the units remain in place and allow cold air from outside to infiltrate your building, creating drafts and cold pockets in an otherwise comfortable room. Heat loss around these units is significant – up to 3.2 million BTUs per season. Just consider the amount of energy you’re wasting to compensate for this loss. The cost is significant.

Rather than allow this waste to continue for another season, take a careful look at products from Green Sentry Solutions. Window Sentry, for example, is designed to provide a complete air seal around a window unit without removing it. Window Sentry fits tightly around the entire unit, keeping cold air out and warmer air inside the room where it’s most needed.

Sleeve Sentry is available in several styles and is designed to seal wall mounted AC units. Sleeve Sentry fits into the wall sleeve and provides a complete air seal, protecting even during high wind events. Both Sleeve Sentry and Window Sentry are easy to store when not in use and install quickly for protection year after year.

Contact the air seal experts at Green Sentry Solutions today. Let us help you reduce multi- family heat loss and increase tenant comfort in your building.

Green Sentry Solutions: Committed to a Cleaner, More Beautiful Planet

Our world is slowly being destroyed by wasted fossil fuels and high carbon emissions. While the energy industry looks for alternative, renewable sources of fuel to meet increasing consumer demand, fossil fuels are providing the majority of the energy required to heat homes, multi-family, and commercial buildings all around us. Carbon emissions from these heat sources are causing irreparable damage to our planet.

At Green Sentry Solutions, we are committed to a cleaner, more beautiful planet. We developed our products to help conserve limited natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint of our cities by conserving valuable heat energy. Our products completely seal around AC units, effectively conserving millions of BTUs of heat energy every season.

How can correcting an issue like heat loss around AC units make an impact? It’s simple. Preventing air infiltration eliminates drafts and keeps heat inside a building where it’s needed. As a result, less fuel is required to maintain comfort levels inside. Heating systems work more efficiently and require less maintenance. Thermostats can stay at a lower, more earth friendly level due to the consistent air temperature within the building itself. The savings in fuel consumption is significant.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions to see how to reduce your building’s carbon footprint by installing Window Sentry or Sleeve Sentry. We will show you how our cost effective products quickly pay for themselves in reduced heating fuel costs. Help us conserve limited resources and preserve our environment for future generations.

Are Your Tenants Complaining About Your Building?

Tenant complaints are annoying, creating work for your maintenance staff as issues are investigated and addressed. During the winter heating season, tenants frequently complain about cold pockets, drafts, and difficulty heating units and common areas. How much time does your maintenance staff spend investigating these complaints?

Heat loss is one of the major causes of drafty rooms and cold pockets. In fact, the heat loss around one window or wall mounted AC unit is roughly equivalent to a fist sized hole in your building’s wall. No wonder your tenants are concerned about cold pockets and drafts. If you’ve left these units unprotected, your building is colder and more difficult to heat than it should be.

Window Sentry and Sleeve Sentry from Green Sentry Solutions are designed to seal around window or wall mounted AC units and prevent heat loss and air infiltration. These products eliminate drafts and create a more uniform room temperature when installed. Your tenants will notice an immediate difference in a room’s comfort. Your maintenance staff will notice a significant reduction in heating related complaints and work tickets. It’s a winning scenario.

Our products are simple to install and cost effective. These low cost solutions offer a substantial ROI, paying for themselves in less than two seasons with reduced heating fuel costs alone. If you add in the maintenance savings, the return on investment is even more significant. Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to see how we can add profitability to your bottom line.

Green Sentry Solutions Works with Utilities to Conserve Energy

Your local utility companies understand the value of conserving energy. They work to minimize the environmental impact of energy consumption through helping customers winterize their buildings and conserve valuable resources. Increasingly these organizations are reaching out to the air seal experts at Green Sentry Solutions for assistance.

We’re working on initiatives with utility companies in New England, such as Connecticut Light and Power and Yankee Gas, to provide winterization products to their customers. Products such as Sleeve Sentry and Window Sentry drastically reduce commercial building heat loss and provide substantial savings for building owners. In fact, Sleeve Sentry typically pays for itself in a single season.

Unlike other winterization methods that require a large initial investment or are difficult to implement, our products are cost effective and easy to use. Sleeve Sentry and Window Sentry are easily installed in just minutes and provide value for season after season. When not in use, our products are stored easily in a closet, close at hand and ready for use the following year.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to find out how our products can enhance your building’s heating system, conserve energy, and provide a low cost alternative to expensive heat loss. We will show you how to make your commercial property energy efficient and stop heat from pouring out around window and wall mounted AC units.

Spring: A Great Time to Review Your Heating Efficiency

Spring is in the air. The temperatures are rising bringing a reduction in your building’s heating needs. While your mind may be turning to other maintenance issues, don’t forget to review your seasonal heating costs.

How did your building do this winter? Were your costs as low as they could have been? Did your building conserve resources or was valuable heat escaping from your building? Studies show the heat loss around the average apartment AC unit is equivalent to a fist sized hole in the wall. If you’ve not protected your AC units with products from Green Sentry Solutions, you wasted valuable resources and reduced your building’s overall profitability.

Spring is an ideal time to review the most recent heating season. Evaluate each property you own or manage and determine how simple changes can benefit you. Each Sleeve Sentry or Window Sentry you install will save approximately 3.2 million BTUs of energy next season…energy that can significantly impact the environment and your bottom line.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to learn about our products. We will work with you to develop a plan for your property. Our air seal experts can help you design a strategy to reduce the impact of heating costs and improve the comfort of your tenants in future heating seasons.