One of the largest measures of energy loss affecting multi-family housing today is the loss derived from the gaps around air conditioners.

Experts say that the gap around each AC unit can be compared to a hole the size of your fist in your building.

Solutions for this problem must be repeatable and simple to implement and effective.

Green Sentry Solutions products completely air seals the AC and has been tested with a blower door test up to 150mph winds.

Our solutions completely block the flow of air and prevent heat loss from escaping through the cold seasons.

ROI can be less than two season, regardless of how you heat.

Our solutions eliminate tenant complaints about drafty AC's providing more uniform temperature throughout the building.

Sleeve Sentry – Which Option is Right For You?

Air infiltration around wall air conditioning sleeves creates significant heat loss in your building.  In fact, each wall sleeve can lose an average of 3.2 million BTUs of energy in just one heating season.  That waste adds dollars to your energy bills and wastes precious natural resources at the same time.

The air seal experts at Green Sentry Solutions developed Sleeve Sentry to give building owners and managers a cost effective way of sealing wall AC sleeves and conserving energy to protect the environment and their bottom line.  Sleeve Sentry is designed to create an air tight seal around the wall AC sleeve, preventing air infiltration and eliminating drafts and wasted energy.  Now we’ve taken Sleeve Sentry one step further and created alternatives to meet every situation in your building.

Sleeve Sentry ES is designed to completely seal your through the wall yet vacant AC sleeves.  When the AC unit is removed and the wall sleeve is vacant or empty, Sleeve Sentry ES is ready to offer permanent or semi-permanent sealing protection.  Sleeve Sentry ES provides the same high quality performance as Sleeve Sentry, but is designed without handles.  It remains in the sleeve as long as the sleeve is dormant, giving you savings and peace of mind.

Sleeve Sentry IR is the perfect solution for wall mounted AC units that stay in place year round.  The Sleeve Sentry IR fits over the air conditioner unit itself and the entire sleeve.  It stops air infiltration and starts saving you money immediately.

Which Sleeve Sentry is right for your building?  We recommend a combination of all three.  Use Sleeve Sentry ES for dormant sleeves, Sleeve Sentry IR for AC units that remain in place year round, and Sleeve Sentry to protect sleeves with the AC unit removed for the season.  Questions?  Contact Green Sentry Solutions at (855) 477-3300 for a complimentary consultation.

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