One of the largest measures of energy loss affecting multi-family housing today is the loss derived from the gaps around air conditioners.

Experts say that the gap around each AC unit can be compared to a hole the size of your fist in your building.

Solutions for this problem must be repeatable and simple to implement and effective.

Green Sentry Solutions products completely air seals the AC and has been tested with a blower door test up to 150mph winds.

Our solutions completely block the flow of air and prevent heat loss from escaping through the cold seasons.

ROI can be less than two season, regardless of how you heat.

Our solutions eliminate tenant complaints about drafty AC's providing more uniform temperature throughout the building.

Green Sentry Solutions Works with Utilities to Conserve Energy

Your local utility companies understand the value of conserving energy. They work to minimize the environmental impact of energy consumption through helping customers winterize their buildings and conserve valuable resources. Increasingly these organizations are reaching out to the air seal experts at Green Sentry Solutions for assistance.

We’re working on initiatives with utility companies in New England, such as Connecticut Light and Power and Yankee Gas, to provide winterization products to their customers. Products such as Sleeve Sentry and Window Sentry drastically reduce commercial building heat loss and provide substantial savings for building owners. In fact, Sleeve Sentry typically pays for itself in a single season.

Unlike other winterization methods that require a large initial investment or are difficult to implement, our products are cost effective and easy to use. Sleeve Sentry and Window Sentry are easily installed in just minutes and provide value for season after season. When not in use, our products are stored easily in a closet, close at hand and ready for use the following year.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to find out how our products can enhance your building’s heating system, conserve energy, and provide a low cost alternative to expensive heat loss. We will show you how to make your commercial property energy efficient and stop heat from pouring out around window and wall mounted AC units.

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