One of the largest measures of energy loss affecting multi-family housing today is the loss derived from the gaps around air conditioners.

Experts say that the gap around each AC unit can be compared to a hole the size of your fist in your building.

Solutions for this problem must be repeatable and simple to implement and effective.

Green Sentry Solutions products completely air seals the AC and has been tested with a blower door test up to 150mph winds.

Our solutions completely block the flow of air and prevent heat loss from escaping through the cold seasons.

ROI can be less than two season, regardless of how you heat.

Our solutions eliminate tenant complaints about drafty AC's providing more uniform temperature throughout the building.

Green Sentry Solutions: Active in the Community

At Green Sentry Solutions, we are committed to conserving energy and protecting our environment. In fact, we are involved both locally and nationally in organizations that promote green energy, winterization, and conservation initiatives. We don’t just talk about taking action, we do something!

We are proud to be a part of organizations that have a positive impact on our world. We are affiliated with the New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA). This fine organization links sound public policy with self-sufficiency and works to provide safe and affordable housing for low income people in New York State.

We bring our commitment to the commercial real estate market through our affiliation with The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and work to enhance the industry by advocating green energy practices and providing education and information on conservation and alternative energy.

We work with the U.S. Green Building Council to provide cost-efficient energy saving measures to buildings. Together we work to make green buildings available and seek to impact a generation with alternative energy.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions today to explore how we might work with you to conserve energy and positively impact the planet. Our products provide cost effective solutions to heat loss and help reduce your building’s carbon footprint, regardless of the type of heating energy you use.

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