One of the largest measures of energy loss affecting multi-family housing today is the loss derived from the gaps around air conditioners.

Experts say that the gap around each AC unit can be compared to a hole the size of your fist in your building.

Solutions for this problem must be repeatable and simple to implement and effective.

Green Sentry Solutions products completely air seals the AC and has been tested with a blower door test up to 150mph winds.

Our solutions completely block the flow of air and prevent heat loss from escaping through the cold seasons.

ROI can be less than two season, regardless of how you heat.

Our solutions eliminate tenant complaints about drafty AC's providing more uniform temperature throughout the building.

Combat Volatile Energy Prices with Increased Efficiency

The energy market is increasingly volatile.  Heating fuel price changes are difficult to understand, let alone predict.  As fossil fuel sources become increasingly limited, we can expect the volatility to continue.  Amid this changing scenario, how can you determine the ROI on improvements in energy efficiency?

The issue of ROI is confusing.  We’ve studied the market, and recommend taking a long term approach.  When you consider fuel costs over a period of five or more years you can determine trends.  Just as you would not consider only current performance when considering investment in a stock or mutual fund, you should consider fuel prices over time rather than simply evaluating the current situation.

AC sleeves and covers from Green Sentry Solutions are a wise investment that offers lasting benefits and results.  The five year limited warranty and durable design ensure a long useful life.  Our products pay for themselves quickly, often in a single season, and provide a long term return on investment for years to come.

While the future prices and availability of heating fuel is difficult to determine, you can be confident in the benefits of Window Sentry and Sleeve Sentry.  Our products will provide an air tight seal around your building’s AC units that is able to withstand winds of up to 150 mph.  We protect your building from the approximately 3.2 million BTUs of heat lost around each AC unit.

Contact Green Sentry Solutions, the air seal experts, today for your complimentary consultation.  Learn how a small investment can protect your profitability and deliver results for years to come.  (855) 477-3300

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